Places We Have Been

This page holds memories of some of our trips.  Where we use maps you can zoom in and move around, you can also use Google Street View in many places like Cartagena, click here for help on how to use Street View.

Cartagena, Colombia 2011

To celebrate our second anniversary Chiki and I spent a long weekend to Cartagena.

Our trip to Cartagena, Colombia 2011

Caragena, Colombia 2011

Spring Break 2010

For Spring Break we got together with our Atlanta Family for Easter Dinner and then made a trip to Stone Mountain  The pictures we took are here

The M&M Birthday 2009

To Celebrate our boys Birthdays in 2009 we went to Mountasia.  The pictures we took are here.

Ray and Nenah's Wedding

In September 2009 we went to San Francisco to celebrate Ray and Nenah's big day.

San Francisco

The pictures we took are here.

Our Trip to the Georgia Aquarium, Summer 2009

The pictures we took are here.

In 2009 we had the joy of having Katie stay with us and take care of the kids, one of the many activities was a trip to the Sara Babb Pool.

We joined Lynn, Barry and their family at a wonderful cabin in Elijay

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Here's is a slide show of our photos.

For Silvia's birthday in 2009 Rodirgo arranged a fantastic day on Lake Alatoona

Lake Alatoona

In 2009 Mark received his First Communion

Mike's graduation from Shelton Elementary School

Our Cancun Honeymoon, February, 2009

To celebrate our marriage and get some much needed time alone Lucia and Chuck spent a week at the Sun Palace Resort in Cancun

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Mike, Chris and Chuck's trip to Arizona, November, 2008

During the 2008 Fall break Mike, Chris and Chuck traveled to Arizona to reconnect with family and see the Grand Canyon

Map of our November 2008 Trip to Arizona

Mike, Chris and Chuck in Arizona, November 2008

Lucia and Chuck took a Marriage Prep Class at West Ridge Church

Lucia and Chuck's trip to Arizona to celebrate the Re-dedication of the James A. Walsh Federal Courthouse

The re-dedication of the James A. Walsh Federal Court House in Tucson, named in honor of Chuck's grandfather, gave us an opportunity to introduce Lucia to  Arizona and a big part of Chuck's family. 

In 1985 Senator Morris K. Udall introduced H.R. 2698 - A bill to designate the United States Courthouse in Tucson, AZ, as the "James A. Walsh United States Courthouse".   When the functions of the United States district Court were moved to a new facility the future of the old courthouse was not clear and there was discussion of tearing it down. Members of the United States Bankruptcy court recognized an opportunity to preserve history, provide a permanent location for their work and reduce government expenditures by renovating  Below are two articles giving more information on the courthouse, Chuck hopes to publish more information on his grandfather later on.

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For our travelogue of the trip please click here.

Below is a slide show from a trip Mike, Chris and Chuck took to Arizona in 2003

Our Trip to Arizona, 2003